These are our ewes. Some were the foundation upon which we built our herd, some are their daughters. Obviously, we’re still building towards our vision of a high percentage Gotland fiber flock. As we do so, some of the lower percentage animals will be phased out of our breeding program, as will some where we have an over abundance of their genetic makeup.

Edna cropped

This is Edna, a lovely 85.5% moorit daughter of Darcy out of our ram Egil.

Dagny as a yearling shorn

Dagny, our 91% ewe out of Swedish semen, seen here as a yearling shorn.  Dagny, bred to our ram Egil, has given us some extraordinary 91% rams, and finally this Spring a gimmer.

Edda as a yearling shorn cropped

Edda (83.6%) as a yearling, shorn.

Darcy is one of our original ewes.

This is Darcy, one of our original ewes.  She is 80% and consistently gives us lovely lambs. She carries the brown recessive.

Saga Sheep_20141226_0072 Beret resized

This is Beret, she is only a 70.5% second generation animal, but she has the distinction of being the very first lamb born on Larson Farms.

Fanny Winter 2016

Fanny is an 87.3% ewe. This Spring she gave us a stunning daughter, Gudrun.

Faith Winter 2016

Faith is an 87.3% Edda daughter out of Egil. She was registered as a Grey Solid, but as an adult appears to be a Fawn. With her first breeding, she produced one Grey Solid daughter as well as one that looks to be Fawn.