Here at Larson Farms, we breed Swedish Gotland sheep as a fiber flock. Our Gotlands appear on the registry of the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America under the name Saga Sheep at Larson Farms.  On this page, you can see our breeding rams and ewes, their lambs and the wethers we keep for their fleece.


Saga Sheep_20141226_0194 4 boys 3

Our classic Gotland rams are 91+% pure with a heavy concentration of Swedish genetics.  We have decided to keep one 87.5% Gotland moorit (brown) ram for the color genetics he adds to our flock. Future breeding plans include the use of additional straws of semen imported from Sweden.


Edna Winter 2016 with flock friends

Our ewes have proven breeding potential. They all have had unassisted births and are excellent mothers.


Each Spring we have a new batch of lambs. This year lambing was slightly later than our usual, as we’ve been doing some major barn renovations and didn’t want that to interfere with either the breeding season or Spring lambing.  Below you will find links to the fourteen gimmer and eight ram lambs new to us this season and all of their details.

Gimmer Lambs

33 Gudrun

Ram Lambs

26 Micah


We shear twice a year, in early September and again just before lambing in the Spring. If you are interested in raw or cleaned fleece, you can see some representative samples of what our flock produces if you click through to this section.  Detailed pictures of the fleeces on the animals can also be seen with their individual listings.

Cleaned Fleece

Fanny Close Up Clean Fleece 2016

Skirted Fleece

Fanny Full Scoured Fleece